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Paragon Backup & Recovery. Reviews of the best free backup software for Windows on Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, and Windows XP. Download Yadis! Backup.


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Don’t hesitate and have a try. Easily manage old backups in an all-around way: delete, merge, split and compress, to greatly save disk space and keep only useful backups. Execute a differential backup or incremental backup based on a previously finished full backup to shorten backup time and save disk storage by only backing up changed data.

Relying on an auto backup plan can greatly ease the worry about forgetting to do the backup, and significantly save time. Encrypting your backup files doubles the protection.

EaseUS Todo Backup values your privacy and knows the importance of keeping data confidential. One simple click, add a password to protect your backup file from leaking. You can choose to store backup files to an external hard drive, cloud drive, or the network drive. Make an identical new hard drive compared with the original disk.

Restore a system backup image from one computer to another with dissimilar hardware installed or from a physical machine to a virtual machine P2V.

EaseUS Todo Backup Free lets you create backups of your important files or your entire computer through its streamlined interface. Just choose the type of backup you’d like to create to get started, and let the program do the rest.

The interface provides quick adaptation, every process guiding you all the way through so you don’t get stuck or further damage your system rather than keeping it safe. It is certainly easy to recommend giving it a try and, if you like the warm glow of security it provides, there are always the premium versions to consider.

Whether you’re backing up your system for the first time or are planning to make the move from another program, EaseUS Todo Backup has you covered. It can make an image of your whole drive, including the OS, so you can restore everything at once without reinstalling Windows and all your programs separately. Full-featured partition manager software enables users to maximize disk capacity usage. In case of any unexpected data loss or system corruption issue happens, an existing backup image can save the day!

Check the five best free backup software for Windows In fact, they work brilliantly on Windows 10, Windows 8. Windows 11 File History 2. Acronis True Image Free 4. Paragon Backup and Recovery Free 5. Windows 7 Backup and Restore. If you prefer a basic-level of file backup on your PC, Windows File History in Windows 10 and Windows 11 can let you keep some important file backups on an external backup drive.

Step 1. Step 2. Step 3. Start the backup task and wait until finish. In fact, Microsoft Windows 10 has File History to backup your device and files for free. But Is Windows 10 backup any good? With this built-in tool, you can do more than just restore previous versions of files; It’s a competent backup tool for your needs. While being generally applicable, File History is not the answer to all data backup requirements.

In some cases, you may have to look for specific or more advanced tools to protect your critical data and operating system as needed fully, which may be troublesome. The free edition of EaseUS Todo Backup is completely free, without requiring any activation key to use. Create a Free System Backup Image 4. Cost: Nearly all online services charge for a maximum allowable amount of data, and generally uploads are free.

Aside from the free tiers available from a service like Dropbox, pricing is fairly consistent across services, though you definitely get more capacity for your money from some vendors, notably Backblaze.

However, there may be additional charges or limitations on downloads. Features: In addition to backup, you may want to share your files with others, work with them from mobile devices, or even edit them with office applications such as those available with Dropbox, Google, and OneDrive.

If you do intend to work online, we recommend that you maintain a local copy as backup, and a hedge against internet downtime. Make sure the service you sign up for supports all of your platforms. Note: iDrive even supports Windows Phone. Do NOT lose it, as it is absolutely required to restore your data. Sadly, using your own key often limits the types of services e. Reliability: Generally speaking, data centers are backed up to the hilt.

Some of the larger ones even back up to different geographical locations. If there are too many outages in service, buy accordingly. Speed: Speed, in many cases, is far more dependent upon your broadband connection than that of the online service, though the geographical location of the storage and the equipment in between can make a significant difference. Check the location of the data servers if speed is important to you.

Or, just give the trial a whirl and see if you can live with it. Additionally, if you intend to back up to a newly purchased external hard drive, check out the software that ships with it. Seagate, WD, and others provide backup utilities that are adequate for the average user. Some programs automatically select the appropriate files if you use the Windows library folders Documents, Photos, Videos, etc.

Boot media: Should your system crash completely, you need an alternate way to boot and run the recovery software. Any backup program should be able to create a bootable optical disc or USB thumb drive. Some will also create a restore partition on your hard drive, which can be used instead if the hard drive is still operational.

Any backup program worth its salt allows you to schedule backups. Any backup program you use should allow you to retain several previous backups, or with file backup, previous versions of the file. The better software will retain and cull older backups according to criteria you establish.